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Sewage systems are an essential component of both residential and commercial structures. To ensure optimal performance, the sewage system requires prompt inspections and maintenance from an experienced plumber in Manhattan Beach. 

At Drain Guys Plumbing, our plumber in Manhattan Beach has extensive knowledge and experience handling all sewage problems. Our plumber in Manhattan Beach is equipped with skills and utilizes the most advanced equipment to fully maintain your plumbing system to its optimal function and reliability. We conduct comprehensive inspections, installations, repairs, and replacement projects.


    Drain Cleaning

    Our plumber in Manhattan Beach offers emergency or scheduled drain cleaning services, including sewer, storm, downspouts, floor drains, and more.

    We utilize the industry’s state-of-the-art technology, including quality Manhattan Beach plumber cleaning tools and equipment. We provide commercial and residential facilities with drain cleaning services such as clearing sewer lines and clogged kitchen or bathroom drains. Our plumber in Manhattan Beach offers cost-efficient prices to ensure our Manhattan Beach plumber clients always feel confident with our scheduled or emergency appointments.

    Emergency Or Scheduled Drain Cleaning Services In Manhattan Beach
    Sewer Camera Inspection In Manhattan Beach

    Sewer Camera Inspection

    As the leading Manhattan Beach plumber, our sewer camera inspector guarantees to provide reliable service that adheres to the highest industry standards. Our Manhattan Beach plumber utilizes state-of-the-art sewer camera equipment to provide a comprehensive yet quick assessment of your sewer system to address plumbing issues promptly.

    Our trained Manhattan Beach plumbers are familiar with various types of systems. Most of our client base has been built through referrals from customers who hold us in high regard for the quality of work they have received. Your plumbing system is guaranteed the best service with our experienced and highly vetted  Manhattan Beach plumbers on-call to serve you.

    Our team is committed to the highest integrity and the most professional Manhattan Beach plumber service. Before your plumber Manhattan Beach service, we will contact you for a consultation to address all of your plumbing Manhattan Beach concerns, goals, and needs.

    Hydro Jetting

    As uncovered by our expert Manhattan Beach plumbers team, clogged drains may signify more serious plumbing issues. Some may opt for DIY methods to unclog their drains but immediately realize it is not a task they can accomplish without sufficient plumber Manhattan Beach knowledge, skills, and equipment. At The Drain Guys Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, our plumber Manhattan Beach professionals utilize the most advanced tools and equipment to address significant plumbing issues promptly.

    For all your hydro-jetting problems, our Manhattan Beach plumbers ensures to clear your sewer system quickly and effectively in the least amount of time. Even the most stubborn clogged pipes can easily be remedied with a visit from our highly trained technicians. We have experience with challenging cases that require the clearing out stubborn debris, grease, roots, food particles, and calcified minerals.

    Hydro Jetting In Manhattan Beach
    Hermosa Beach Plumbing Experts

    Quality Manhattan Beach Plumbing

    Living in Manhattan Beach, you certainly have your choice of plumbers, but none compare to The Drain Guys Plumbing And Drain Cleaning. We offer a comprehensive list of services, and all our Manhattan Beach plumbers are certified and insured, ensuring you no less than quality service.

    While we can handle a host of drain problems, we can also do slightly more complex projects, such as installing, repairing, or replacing plumbing fixtures. Our happy customers and good reviews are a testament to the quality work we have done – will continue doing.

    Manhattan Beach Plumbers Near You

    When searching for “Manhattan Beach plumbers near me,” you may come across various plumbing services in Manhattan Beach. However, The Drain Guys Plumbing And Drain Cleaning are responsive, friendly, and affordable. We will explain everything to you in detail before conducting the repairs to ensure maximum transparency.

    Additionally, The Drain Guys Plumbing And Drain Cleaning offer after-hours, nights, and weekends if you need emergency services from Manhattan Beach plumbers near me. Since plumbing emergencies often occur during the most inopportune time, our 24/7 availability makes us the best choice for your plumbing needs – whether scheduled or emergencies.

    Plumbing And Drain Cleaning

    Plumbing Services in Manhattan Beach FAQS

    Here are answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions regarding our plumber in Manhattan Beach services:

    What Are Common Plumbing Issues Residents Face in Manhattan Beach?

    Given Manhattan Beach’s location in a city on the coast of California, a lot of the water supply comes from water treatment facilities some distance away, with some of it taken from the Colorado river and treated for use. Some may also be taken from melted mountain snow and pumped into different areas.

    As such, the water is considered clean and safe when it enters the Manhattan Beach plumbing and sewer systems. However, there may be the occasional issue arising from hard water or residues that can only be addressed by a Manhattan Beach plumber. When your Manhattan Beach plumber is one of The Drain Guys Plumbing And Drain Cleaning, you know it will be properly taken care of, and your water will flow freely again.

    Sediment and Hard Water

    Sediment and hard water can cause issues in your pipes and your toilet tanks. Installing whole house water softener systems, water filtration systems, osmosis water treatment systems, etc., may help reduce the issue. Doing this will help remove and/or reduce the hard water and sediment that enters your home due to source water that was not fully filtered at the treatment facility.


    Other common plumbing issues seen by many a Manhattan Beach plumber are clogs. Clogs are caused by hair, fur (for those of you that choose to bathe your pets in the tub!), dead skin cells, and other organic material.

    This builds up in your drains, pipes, or toilet traps, and cannot be moved without removing the physical blockage. Floor drains in commercial builds or parking lots suffer similar problems, as do grease traps in restaurants.

    Plumbing services in Manhattan Beach address these clogs via hydro jetting and auguring methods. While harsh chemicals may be a good quick fix, they are not recommended for long-term use. On top of their harmful effects on the environment, they’re also damaging to your pipes.

    Additionally, when calling a plumber in Manhattan Beach, customers should avoid excessive use of the usual over-the-counter clog dissolving chemicals to the troubled drain themselves. The reason is that backsplash of the water from these clogged areas can burn the skin of the plumber trying to clear the clog for you.

    What Manhattan Beach Plumbing Services Do You Offer?

    As a Manhattan Beach plumbing service, we offer a LOT of different services. We try to make it convenient for both our residential and our commercial customers to get everything they need from our plumbing services in Manhattan Beach. The extensive list of Manhattan Beach plumbing services are:

    • Clog removal in toilets, sinks, tubs, floor drains, and grease traps. At times our plumbing service may include clog clearing in sewers if the problem isn’t in the service line as it snakes through the house or building.
    • Leak Detection and Repair for pipes under sinks, around tubs and showers, behind walls, and even in crawl spaces. We cover all bases of plumbing leaks to make sure there are no leaks in your home or building.
    • Toilet Repair or Replacement and Installation of any and all toilets that aren’t functioning properly or seem to be running nonstop.
    • Bathroom Fixture Installation for tubs, sinks, showers, and hot tubs or jet spa tubs
    • Water heater repair or replacement as needed
    • Garbage disposal systems-both repair and installation
    • Septic system services, including clearing septic tank clogs
    • Gas line services, which typically involve repair or replacement of gas pipes
    • Backflow services for those times when sewage decides to revisit the inside of your home or building.

    If you are still trying to compare “Manhattan Beach Plumbers near me,” stop. None of the other Manhattan Beach plumbers provide as many plumbing services in Manhattan Beach as we do. We take pride in our Manhattan Beach plumbing company for its incredibly skilled and accomplished plumbers. No other plumber Manhattan Beach has can even come close to what we can do and have done for our customers.

    How to Know When to Call a Plumber in Manhattan Beach if You Don’t Know There Is a Plumbing Issue?

    This last question is an excellent one. It’s even better than searching for “Manhattan Beach plumbers near me” when you do know that you have a plumbing problem, but you aren’t sure where to start looking for a Manhattan Beach plumber. There are some telltale signs that every plumber Manhattan Beach knows are major warnings.

    One sign that you need a Manhattan Beach plumber is a really high water bill. If you only receive your water bills quarterly, you are probably in for a shock. Most water leaks can cause a loss of thousands of gallons of water lost in the time it takes to receive your water bill. If you see a jaw-dropping water bill, call our Manhattan Beach plumbing office right away!

    Another sign that any plumber Manhattan Beach services knows is the “running toilet” sign. This is what happens when the components in the back of your toilet are broken, and you hear a constant running toilet sound. It means that the plug at the bottom of the tank isn’t closing as it should. It might be a problem with the valve, or a problem with the float, the large bulbous thing you see when you open the toilet tank. Our Manhattan Beach plumbers can diagnose that straightaway and fix it in under an hour.

    While Manhattan Beach doesn’t get cold enough for frozen pipes to burst, pipes can still burst for other reasons. They may be blocked and water pressure behind the block may burst the pipe. They may be very old and rusted out, causing water to bust through weak spots in the pipes.

    Whatever the cause, you will notice water everywhere. When pipes are hidden behind a wall, as they are in kitchens, you may notice a constant squishiness to your floor or an increase in drain flies due to the rot of the wall materials surrounding these burst pipes. A plumber Manhattan Beach can tell what is wrong almost immediately. Our Manhattan Beach plumbing team goes to work on this right away to save the rest of your home from water damage.

    Another common plumbing mistake involves some sub-par plumber Manhattan Beach has that you hired to install a dishwasher, garbage disposal, or your refrigerator’s icemaker plumbing. We know customers want to save a buck or two, but by hiring someone who isn’t a plumber Manhattan Beach customers suffer. We’ve also seen people hire “handymen” as Manhattan Beach plumbers, and that rarely works out. It often causes many issues in Manhattan Beach plumbing for homes and businesses.

    Instead, hire the Manhattan Beach plumbing team with expertise, licensing, experience, and insurance. Unlike any other sub-par plumber Manhattan Beach has, The Drain Guys Plumbing And Drain Cleaning Plumbing and Drain Cleaning does the job right the first time. Also, unlike any other plumber Manhattan Beach has, we offer 10% off for first-time customers! Call today to book your appointment!

    Choose Your Plumber Wisely

    Whether your plumbing challenge is huge or small, our plumbing Manhattan Beach professionals are committed to providing you with a fully functional system. We conduct comprehensive inspections to effectively choose the best solution to any of your plumbing issues. For all your expert plumber in Manhattan Beach needs, call The Drain Guys Plumbing & Drain Cleaning!

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      Shavon was so awesome! She knew exactly what was wrong, was so personable, and knowledgeable. I felt like she was an old friend of mine. When it was time to unclog my pipes, the technicians made me just as happy. These guys worked so quickly and did not make a mess in my house like some of the other companies I have worked with in the past! They earn my seal of approval and recommendation.


      Boyce Tinkham

      a month ago

      A couple of friends recommended The Drain Guys when I mentioned I needed a water heater inspection. I called them and they come out really quickly and told me that I could repair the water heater. I was relieved because I thought that it was time to replace the unit. They saved me a lot of money

      gordon wise

      Gordon Wise

      a month ago

      When I needed a 24 hour plumber in Torrance for an emergency plumbing job. Thankfully I found the Drain Guys online.I read a few reviews and everyone seemed happy. I am pleased with their work as well.

      sampson peterson

      Sampson Petersen

      a month ago

      I was afraid to call a Redondo Beach plumber because I do not have a lot of extra money to spend. But, when I experienced a backflow issue, I had no choice. I am thankful they understood my financial situation and gave me such a great price. They were quick and professional on top of the great price.

      mary brown

      Mary Brown

      2 Months ago

      I recommend this plumbing company hands down. Shavon is an industry professional and knows how to take care of her customers. No other Long Beach plumbing company has ever kept me informed and been so committed to my needs. It is a breath of fresh air, to say the least. The price was right and I could not be happier with my service. I definitely recommend The Drain Guys Plumbing and Drain cleaning.

      bryan mason

      Bryan Mason


      I called The Dra‎‎in Guy‎‎s Plu‎‎mbing and Dr‎‎ain Cl‎‎eaning for ou‎‎r bus‎‎ted w‎‎ater he‎‎at‎‎er. Sha‎‎von wa‎‎s gre‎‎at- espe‎‎cially sin‎‎ce I ha‎‎ve be‎‎en kn‎‎own to get a li‎‎ttle bra‎‎ss whe‎‎n str‎‎essed. But she a‎‎sked all the right que‎‎stions and underst‎‎ood how frustra‎‎ting th‎‎is sit‎‎uati‎‎on w‎‎as f‎‎or us. A t‎‎ech w‎‎as se‎‎nt t‎‎o my hou‎‎se for a wa‎‎ter he‎‎ater re‎‎pair th‎‎at d‎‎ay and f‎‎or a g‎‎ood pric‎‎e.


      Kidd Moriah

      3 Weeks ago

      The Drain Guys Plumbing and Drain Cleaning fixed my water heater without bothering me or making a mess. I was impressed. They came on time, were clean and respectful of my space, and very professional. I live in Torrance and this is the best company I have had the pleasure to work in my 40 years living here.

      brandon lafferty

      Brandon Lafferty

      5 Months ago

      I spoke to Shavon when I called The Drain Guys. She was professional and knowledgeable and seemed like she really wanted to help me. I appreciated that. She told me I needed a sewer line inspection, gave me a quote, and kept all her promises when the techs arrived at the job. Great company, the plumber arrived on time, and fixed my house right!

      lauren olson

      Lauren Olson

      5 Months ago

      This company was friendly and efficient. Eddie and Michael explained my situation and gave me options. I found my plumbers and I’ll always call this company


      Shavon Speaks

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