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The Drain Guys are made up of the best plumber Redondo Beach, CA, team. Our company is built on delivering dependable and outstanding service. All of The Drain Guys’ staff upholds the highest standards of customer service, plumbing expertise, and reliability.

Does your business or home need plumbing services?
As a Redondo Beach plumbing company — we provide residents can get expert plumbing rooter assistance. If you need dependable “plumbers around my area,” call The Drain Guys.


    Types Of Issues We Identify Through The Use of A Sewer Camera

    Reliable Plumber Redondo Beach Rooter Services Are Important

    Our customers rely on our local plumber Redondo Beach, CA services for a variety of plumbing issues, and more. Perhaps your toilet is clogged — or possibly your leaky faucet keeps dripping water?

    Our experienced plumber Redondo Beach technicians provide customer-centric service. The Drain Guys are specialized in drain repair and maintenance. We honor and respect you for choosing our plumbing services. We leave drains in better working order than before, and the surrounding area spotless.

    Maybe a property owner requires a skilled plumber Redondo Beach to help install a new bathroom, bathtub, or shower? Did somebody accidentally break the garbage disposal? Is dirty water collecting in your kitchen sink?

    Foul odors, too much, or too little, water is most often why customers ask for our Redondo Beach plumbing company. Unpleasant symptoms from plumbing issues need to be addressed immediately. These often turn into emergency plumber Redondo Beach, CA service calls. Avoid household crises, schedule preventative maintenance with The Drain Guys.

    Don’t get stuck in an unpleasant plumbing emergency. Our plumber Redondo Beach services clean drains thoroughly. Clean away encrusted grime, oil, dirt, and mineral deposits from the interiors of plumbing drains and pipes.

    A household crisis could is more costly than a regularly scheduled service call. Preventative maintenance on your plumbing systems keeps a healthy, safe water flow throughout the property. Removing gooey sludge opens up necessary channels for water flow. Our rooter plumber Redondo Beach services keep your dirty water emptying quickly, and your pipes working efficiently.

    We help unpleasant wastewater backups. Ensure your pipes never become a source of those smelly, foul odors in your business or home.

    Call A Skilled Plumber Redondo Beach, CA

    At The Drain Guys, we offer an all-comprehensive plumbing service in Redondo Beach, CA. Get swift service and professionally scheduled appointments. We are a rapid emergency plumber Redondo Beach, CA service, available 24/7 for your convenience. Request any of the following services from our Redondo Beach, CA team:

    • Water Filter Services — Improve the purity and health of your water. Our services include extra filtration if you want access to the healthiest water — we can improve your water’s health within one service call.
    • Water Heater Installation — Is your water temperature not always hot? Need a new water heater? We install tankless and traditional water heaters every day. We provide rapid and skilled plumbing expertise for all types and sizes of water heaters.
    • Rooter Services — Remove debris and sludge building up from pipes and drains. Our rooter services eliminate foul odors -— we keep drains functioning correctly.
    Guaranteed Safe Plumbing
    • Garbage Disposal Repair — We fix all types of makes and models of garbage disposal — and can recommend upgrades if needed.
    • Toilet Installation — Install and seal new toilets correctly for home and business owners. We ensure our plumbers around my area are skilled journeymen with years of experience.
    • Sink & Faucet Repair — Keep critical and costly plumbing system fixtures and assets in the best working condition. Avoid unexpected issues and emergencies.
    • Bathtub & Shower Installation — Install plumbing and water fixtures the right way with our skilled, proficient plumbers around my area.
    • Leak Detection — We can identify the source of leaking water in your home or business in less than an hour. Our Redondo Beach, CA plumbing company technicians are specialized in leak detection.
    • Septic Tank Services — Maintenance your septic tanks of any size to prevent frequent problems with toilets — among other preventative measures — with our skilled technicians.
    • Pipe Repair & Installation — Fix or replace leaky pipes with the plumber Redondo Beach experts.
    Hydro Jetting Services Featuring Camera Inspections

    Our Company Offers Expert Plumbing in Redondo Beach

    We have served residential homes, commercial enterprises, institutions, and government agencies. The Drain guys have the expertise and experience in plumbing throughout the community of Redondo beach.

    We are skilled as an experienced commercial and residential Redondo Beach plumbing company. We are a reliable and dependable Redondo Beach plumbing company. Enjoy services of highly sought after, in-demand residential and commercial plumber Redondo Beach technicians. Our team has a full breadth of experience — we’ve serviced all types of commercial and residential plumbing systems.

    Both our homeowner and business proprietor customers maintain sparkling clean, fresh premises with our excellent Redondo Beach plumbing company services. Designate us as your trusted plumber Redondo Beach, CA — you’ll experience a mighty hand in the battle against foul-smelling, unruly drains and toilets. Our services help showcase emergency plumber Redondo Beach, CA assistance giving you the best advantage!

    Dependable Plumbers Around My Area

    Many in the Redondo Beach Area rely on our expertise — we offer significant advantages with our regularly scheduled and emergency services.

    Good reasons to rely on The Drain Guys as your prefncy Plumber Redondo Beach Cuserred emergency plumber Redondo Beach, CA:

    • Rapid 24/7 plumbing services
    • A licensed, insured firm
    • Local plumber Redondo Beach technicians — we possess familiarity with the communities plumbing system and roadways
    • Full range of professional plumbing services
    • Plumbing technicians that regularly provide rooter services
    • Enjoy dependability with each service request
    • Drain cleaning that prevents backflow and smelly, foul odors
    Discover Reliable Drain Cleaning Services
    Plumbing And Drain Cleaning

    The Benefits of 24 Hour Plumber Redondo Beach, CA Rooter Services

    Our 24 hour plumber Redondo Beach, CA technician services can add your address to our annual, regularly scheduled list to avoid costly, unexpected plumbing issues. We visit home or business at regular intervals to perform drain cleaning and beyond. Our customers enjoy frequent and excellent rooter services and assistance. Prevent common and costly plumbing problems and emergencies with our Redondo Beach plumbing company services.

    Ensure your plumbing pipes do not acquire thick deposits of debris and sludge; we help your plumbing system perform.

    Get access to the healthiest, cleanest water.

    Are you encountering unexpected messy clogs in sinks and fixtures? This can be very stressful. Make sure your plumbing problems are dealt with professionally, contact the right emergency plumber Redondo Beach, CA.

    Scheduling preventative and annual plumbing maintenance with The Drain Guys. We clean drains and pipes routinely and prevent all types of plumbing emergencies. Your home or business will be handled with the utmost care and consideration. Discover the joys of regularly scheduled maintenance for your plumbing system.

    Remove debris and encrusted mineral material from the drains in your business or residential plumbing system regularly.

    We look forward to helping all our customers.

    Let us maintain your property and keep your plumbing in excellent condition!

    A Respected Commercial Plumber Redondo Beach, CA

    Nowadays, businesses need to maintain high standards of cleanliness. Meeting customer expectations are essential. Your business property needs to be seen in the most positive light, and you’ll get positive reviews and feedback galore.

    Many challenges can come to a Redondo Beach restaurant, motel, hospitality business, and more. Backups are incredibly costly and can cause significant business loss. Primarily if an emergency occurs during peak hours of operation, it can cause high-degrees of emotional and financial stress. Clogs and backups are usually unexpected, costly, extremely stressful problems.

    Many restaurant owners know this! We frequently visit business owners on regularly scheduled preventative rooter services. Your peak hours of operation are essential, make to your plumbing problems are solved beforehand.

    Sink, toilet, or kitchen floor drain backups can cause significant health and safety problems that cost thousands, if not more. An essential business expense, regularly scheduled plumbing can solve and address any unexpected issues.

    Commercial enterprises value The Drain Guys — we supply cost-effective, reliable 24 hour plumber Redondo Beach, CA. Our work helps business premises remain sweet-smelling and attractive.

    Most Frequent Causes Of Blockages In Sewer Pipes

    We Welcome Emergency Plumber Redondo Beach Customers

    At The Drain Guys, we encourage homeowners and landlords to request our assistance regularly. As an experienced residential plumber Redondo Beach, we are well-trained in resolving all types of plumbing problems for emergency customers. Maintain your property —keep it in excellent condition by cleaning drains and plumbing pipes at recurring intervals.

    We look forward to helping maintain your plumber Redondo Beach, CA needs. Your home will stay in excellent condition — no unexpected floods. Our technicians know the surrounding community and its roadways exceptionally well.

    Many in the Redondo Beach Area rely on our expertise — we offer significant advantages with our regularly scheduled and emergency services.

    The Benefits of a 24 Hour Plumber in Redondo Beach, CA

    The Benefits of Investing In a Plumber in Redondo Beach

    If you’ve ever experienced a burst pipe or clogged drain in your Redondo Beach property, you know how quickly an emergency can get out of hand. Plumbing problems are rising as people wait longer to fix their systems with the help of experts in Redondo Beach plumbing. However, if you want to avoid costly repairs down the road, then investing in regular maintenance is your best bet.

    Saves You Time

    One of the most significant benefits of hiring our Redondo Beach plumber is that it saves you time. If you’ve ever had a plumbing problem, you know how hard it can be to find time to go out and fix it yourself. Most people hire experts in Redondo Beach plumbing because they don’t have the time or desire to deal with their plumbing issues.

    So what do we mean by “saving” time? Well, instead of spending an hour or two trying to figure out where your leak is coming from, all while muttering, “how did this happen again?” you can call up plumbers who fix whatever plumbing issue has arisen. This could include repairing broken pipes under sinks or toilets and replacing old faucets with new ones so they don’t leak anymore.

    Saves You Money

    In addition to the other benefits, investing in a professional plumber in Redondo Beach can also save you money in the long run. This is because our Redondo Beach plumber can help you avoid expensive repairs and costly emergency services. It can also save on water bills, energy bills, insurance premiums, and taxes.

    Protects Your Home

    Investing in our reliable plumber in Redondo Beach can also help protect your home. If you don’t take care of your pipes, they can break down faster. This can cause significant damage to your home if left unaddressed for extended periods. Our Redondo Beach plumber will ensure that your pipes are well maintained and won’t break down under pressure or after excessive use.

    Our plumber in Redondo Beach can also identify problems before they happen and fix them before they become severe issues with water flow or pressure loss, both costly but avoidable problems.

    Gives You Peace of Mind

    You may wonder how hiring our Redondo Beach plumber can give you peace of mind. It relieves you of the stress that comes with worrying about your home’s plumbing and prevents you from having to make potentially costly repairs.

    It’s not uncommon for plumbing issues to occur when we least expect them. Leaks can happen anytime, so if your pipes have been damaged by age or misused over time, plumbers should replace them before the problem gets worse and cause you mental unrest.

    If this happens on a weekend when other plumbing companies are closed, don’t worry! We will have an expert plumber in Redondo Beach to your property. As the leading Redondo Beach plumber company, we offer emergency plumbing services to ensure prompt repairs for plumbing emergencies.

    Protects Your Family

    Protecting your family’s safety is one of the most important things you can do with the help of plumbers. There are several ways that plumbing issues can affect the safety of your home, including:

    The risk of injury

    When a pipe breaks or a drain backs up, it’s not just inconvenient. It could be dangerous for anyone in the area. Our Redondo Beach plumber will ensure that any leaks are fixed and that there aren’t any potential hazards lurking in your pipes before they lead to costly repairs.

    Health concerns

    If plumbing problems go unchecked for too long in Redondo Beach, they can breed bacteria and mold growth, posing severe health risks to your home or building residents. Additionally, your pets are also at risk of contracting infections. This is especially true if one of your loved ones has allergies, which is why you should hire professional plumbers in Redondo Beach.

    Even seemingly harmless substances like dust mites can trigger severe reactions. By hiring our professional plumber in Redondo Beach, you can be sure they’ll employ the best and most efficient repair methods.

    24/7 Service

    When you choose experts in Redondo Beach plumbing, you’ll never be left wondering what’s going on with your drain or toilet, as our friendly customer support team is available 24/7.

    Feel free to contact our plumbers at any time; we’re more than happy to answer any questions you have and walk you through the steps involved in repairing your plumbing system. We know our business inside and out, so you can trust that we will give you an accurate estimate of how much time and money it will take to fix your problem.

    We pride ourselves on providing high-quality service for all our customers looking for Redondo Beach plumbers near me. Our goal is always for every customer interaction to go smoothly. We’ll address all your Redondo Beach plumbing issues with honesty, integrity, and professionalism if there are issues along the way.

    Increase The Value Of Your Home

    If you are buying a home in Redondo Beach, and want to increase its value, then investing in new plumbing is a great way to do that. Newer homes have more modern plumbing systems, which tend to be worth more than older homes with old plumbing systems.

    If you are selling your home, having newer or updated plumbing can help you acquire more cash at closing than if it had outdated or poorly functioning pipes and fixtures.

    Convenient Consultation

    A convenient consultation is one of the most significant benefits of investing in our Redondo Beach plumber. The consultation can be over the phone, online, or via text message. This means that you can immediately discuss your plumbing needs with an expert plumber in Redondo Beach and get an estimate for their services.

    Redondo Beach Plumbers Near Me

    If you’re looking for Redondo Beach plumbers near me, call us today! At The Drain Guys Plumbing And Drain Cleaning, our plumbers in Redondo Beach have years of experience in the plumbing industry. We also have an excellent reputation in this community, and our prices are competitive.

    We are insured and licensed to provide plumbing services, so you can rest assured that we will be able to handle any job that comes our way. Also, our plumbers have a reputation for being reliable and professional. When looking for Redondo Beach plumbers near me, you can also count on us to be available 24/7 in an emergency.

    Our plumbers have been in business for over ten years, giving us the experience and expertise to handle any plumbing problem promptly. As an honest and transparent business, our licensed plumber Redondo Beach also provides fair estimates on all work performed at your home or business.

    Redondo Beach Plumbing FAQs

    Why is it essential to hire a qualified Redondo Beach plumber?

    Hiring our qualified Redondo Beach plumber is vital because they are licensed, bonded, and insured. This can help prevent further damage to your property or home and save you money down the road if anything goes wrong with their workmanship. They will also be able to answer your questions and concerns about any plumbing issues.

    How much do plumbing services cost?

    The cost of Redondo Beach plumbing services will depend on the type of work needed, the materials required, and how much time is necessary to complete the job.

    How Do I Know I Am Getting A Fair Price For Plumbing Services Work In Redondo Beach?

    You want to ensure that your quoted price is fair, so it’s important to ask questions before hiring a Redondo Beach plumber.

    Ask experts in Redondo Beach plumbing for quotes from at least three local Redondo Beach plumbing companies and compare their prices. Take note of the scope of work each company offers and any additional fees or charges that may apply. If possible, get references from customers who have searched for Redondo Beach plumbers near me before.

    Before hiring a plumber in Redondo Beach, you must ensure they can match your expectations and give you value for your money. You can easily fall into the hands of the wrong plumbers if you don’t get your facts right.

    However, we can save you time if you’re looking for the best Redondo Beach plumbing services. At The Drain Guys Plumbing And Drain Cleaning, we outmatch other plumbing companies considering certification, experience level, reliability, and work cost. Call Today. First-time customers get 10% off!

    Read Our Latest Five Star Reviews

    Shavon was so awesome! She knew exactly what was wrong, was so personable, and knowledgeable. I felt like she was an old friend of mine. When it was time to unclog my pipes, the technicians made me just as happy. These guys worked so quickly and did not make a mess in my house like some of the other companies I have worked with in the past! They earn my seal of approval and recommendation.


    Boyce Tinkham

    a month ago

    A couple of friends recommended The Drain Guys when I mentioned I needed a water heater inspection. I called them and they come out really quickly and told me that I could repair the water heater. I was relieved because I thought that it was time to replace the unit. They saved me a lot of money

    gordon wise

    Gordon Wise

    a month ago

    When I needed a 24 hour plumber in Torrance for an emergency plumbing job. Thankfully I found the Drain Guys online.I read a few reviews and everyone seemed happy. I am pleased with their work as well.

    sampson peterson

    Sampson Petersen

    a month ago

    I was afraid to call a Redondo Beach plumber because I do not have a lot of extra money to spend. But, when I experienced a backflow issue, I had no choice. I am thankful they understood my financial situation and gave me such a great price. They were quick and professional on top of the great price.

    mary brown

    Mary Brown

    2 Months ago

    I recommend this plumbing company hands down. Shavon is an industry professional and knows how to take care of her customers. No other Long Beach plumbing company has ever kept me informed and been so committed to my needs. It is a breath of fresh air, to say the least. The price was right and I could not be happier with my service. I definitely recommend The Drain Guys Plumbing and Drain cleaning.

    bryan mason

    Bryan Mason


    I called The Dra‎‎in Guy‎‎s Plu‎‎mbing and Dr‎‎ain Cl‎‎eaning for ou‎‎r bus‎‎ted w‎‎ater he‎‎at‎‎er. Sha‎‎von wa‎‎s gre‎‎at- espe‎‎cially sin‎‎ce I ha‎‎ve be‎‎en kn‎‎own to get a li‎‎ttle bra‎‎ss whe‎‎n str‎‎essed. But she a‎‎sked all the right que‎‎stions and underst‎‎ood how frustra‎‎ting th‎‎is sit‎‎uati‎‎on w‎‎as f‎‎or us. A t‎‎ech w‎‎as se‎‎nt t‎‎o my hou‎‎se for a wa‎‎ter he‎‎ater re‎‎pair th‎‎at d‎‎ay and f‎‎or a g‎‎ood pric‎‎e.


    Kidd Moriah

    3 Weeks ago

    The Drain Guys Plumbing and Drain Cleaning fixed my water heater without bothering me or making a mess. I was impressed. They came on time, were clean and respectful of my space, and very professional. I live in Torrance and this is the best company I have had the pleasure to work in my 40 years living here.

    brandon lafferty

    Brandon Lafferty

    5 Months ago

    I spoke to Shavon when I called The Drain Guys. She was professional and knowledgeable and seemed like she really wanted to help me. I appreciated that. She told me I needed a sewer line inspection, gave me a quote, and kept all her promises when the techs arrived at the job. Great company, the plumber arrived on time, and fixed my house right!

    lauren olson

    Lauren Olson

    5 Months ago

    This company was friendly and efficient. Eddie and Michael explained my situation and gave me options. I found my plumbers and I’ll always call this company


    Shavon Speaks

    17 hours ago

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