Torrance Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewage blockages, slow drain, foundation cracks, and even rodent/insect infestation can be telltale signs you may have damaged sewer lines. Having to dig or damage your property to inspect your sewer lines is a thing of the past.

The Drain Guys Plumbing & Drain Cleaning specializes in sewer camera inspection in Torrance, CA. Our technicians use hi-tech inspection cameras for maximum maneuverability and efficiency for all of your sewer services needs!


    Checking sewer manhole with borescope inspection camera.

    What Are Sewer Cameras?

    Our seasoned technicians insert a flexible cable with a high-definition camera attached at the end of the cable into the pipe. We then see a live feed of the insides of your sewer lines through a monitor.

    This technology allows us to determine not only the significant damage causing the current problem but spot minor ones that could cause further damage in the future if left unchecked, saving you both time and money.

    Types Of Issues We Identify Through The Use of A Sewer Camera

    An inspection with The Drain Guys Plumbing & Drain Cleaning’s professional sewer camera provides you with detailed and comprehensive insight into your sewage lines’ overall condition. Here are some issues we can identify using a sewer camera:

    Broken, Cracked, And Collapsed Pipes

    Due to reasonable wear and tear, your pipes may have been damaged, shifted, or collapsed. Sewer cameras can easily spot these, given their small size.

    Infiltrations Of Tree Roots

    One of the most prevalent issues we see during sewer and plumbing inspection services in Torrance, CA, is root infiltrations. This issue is common in pipes made from either clay or cast iron. If a crack is present in your sewer line, infiltration is possible when the growth of the tree root extends outward in search of water. Because of these roots, your sewer lines are subjected to significant damage.

    Sagging Sewer Lines

    Another issue is sagging sewer lines. Water will start to build up in the area where your sewer pipe is sagging, resulting in a recurrent blockage.

    Blocked Pipes

    As time passes, developing a major blockage from a buildup of either grease or paper is not uncommon. When this occurs, the result is often a backup in your sewer lines.

    Types Of Issues We Identify Through The Use of A Sewer Camera
    Sewer Line Locations

    Sewer Line Locations

    In most cases, homeowners do not know the location of their sewer lines. Situations like these arise, especially when a newly purchased home (or rental) did not come with the sewer lines’ location. Our sewer cameras enable us to pinpoint the sewer lines’ precise location, saving you the hassle of unnecessary digging/damage.

    Most Frequent Causes Of Blockages In Sewer Pipes

    Torrance sewer camera inspections are efficient at determining the nature of the issue with your sewer lines in addition to the core cause of the problem. We aim to make a permanent fix, not a band-aid solution. Only by understanding the cause of the block are we able to do this.
    There are several reasons why you may have a clog in your drain lines, including:

    • A range of cleansers such as soap, detergent, and shampoo
    • Food and waste particles
    • Organic solids including hair

    If your sewer line is clogged, the most common issues include:

    • Buildup of grease and oil
    • Scale buildup and mineral deposits
    • Intrusion of tree roots

    If you believe your sewer line may have become broken or clogged, give us a call to schedule your sewer line inspection. Not only will we determine the nature of your problem, but we will also precisely identify the cause to offer you the best possible solution to eliminate the problem, including pipe replacement, drain cleaning, and pipe repair.

    Most Frequent Causes Of Blockages In Sewer Pipes
    Sewer Line Inspection Report

    Sewer Line Inspection Report

    As the leading plumbing company that provides sewer inspection in Torrance, CA, we understand investing in a new home is a big investment, if not the biggest. For this reason, we want to help you take measures of preventative care of your sewer lines as it can be detrimental to your home if left unchecked.
    A sewer inspection service can provide you with peace of mind before purchasing your new home. In addition to receiving a thorough investigation and detailed assessment for your sewer lines, we will also work with escrow scheduling while offering you an exact price for your sewer camera inspection.
    Are you thinking about selling your home? Call us so we can schedule your inspection report with sewer cameras. Once your home is on the market, your prospective buyers can be provided with a comprehensive assessment – ensuring them the sewer lines are in good condition.

    Benefits Of Sewer And Plumbing Inspection Services In Torrance

    Are you still pondering? If you are still unsure if having your sewer lines inspected is a good investment for your business or home, maybe this will help. Here are some advantages of investing in a sewer line camera inspection:

    Guaranteed Safe Plumbing

    Non-Invasive Solution

    No one likes repairs – especially when it requires digging and further damage. A sewer line inspection with cameras is a far less invasive option to find and address the issue with your line. This technology enables us to locate your problem’s exact nature and location without digging up your yard.

    Saving Money

    Our camera-based, cutting-edge inspection services offer you both affordability and high-quality services. We are committed to making a fierce and long-term commitment to offering you superior service.

    Saving Time

    We value your time. Our seasoned technicians paired with advanced machinery guarantees maximum efficiency with the least amount of time. Aside from the aforementioned, digging isn’t needed through the utility of our state-of-the-art sewer line cameras.

    Repairing And Replacing Sewer Pipes

    You’re probably wondering what happens if we find an issue, such as a clog in the sewer line. Once our technicians have identified the cause, we will recommend the best possible option to resolve your issue.
    We avoid digging by all means – unless absolutely necessary. If our camera inspection reveals a sag, break, or collapse, the only option possible is often a traditional repair. In this scenario, we will need to access the sewer line by digging a trench.
    The next step is to either repair or replace the damaged sewer line. If at all possible, we employ a trenchless method for repair. In addition to being a far less invasive option, it protects several areas, including your:

    • Yard
    • Driveway

    We use this method to create minor access points to access the area of the damaged pipe. Our technicians then insert a cable into the pipe to repair it.

    When Is A Sewer Line Camera Inspection Necessary?

    Are you still wondering if it’s necessary? In addition to calling for a routine inspection, certain indications generally mean damage to the sewer line or your mainline has become clogged. Examples include seeing puddles of water in your yard or drains clogging regularly. In these instances, call us for an inspection.

    Contacting Us For A Sewer Line Camera Inspection

    The Drain Guys Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is proud to offer you sewer line camera inspection services in Torrance, CA. Whether the problem is a severe issue with your sewer line or you simply require a routine inspection, we are here for you. Our technicians are available to help you as quickly as possible.
    We understand you use your sewer lines every single day. The best approach to prevent further damage to your pocket and the sewer lines is to let us help. We don’t want you to spend on a more expensive and extensive repair later.
    We hope you don’t have to – but if you do, we’re here anyway. Call The Drain Guys Plumbing & Drain Cleaning for all your sewer repair & maintenance needs!


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